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Within this website we are pleased to network you with several non toxic / least toxic adhesives.  Even though each of these North American Manufacturers provide the MSDS sheets front and centre and the coatings are renowned for being less toxic they win our seal of approval simply because our Friend Client, Mentor and Guru in the Non toxic Challenge has tested extensively various adhesives and found these to be acceptable - considering the extreme nature of their chemical sensitivity concern these successes need to be celebrated.

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The Public must demand Healthy Homes and living environments:  we have the non toxic materials and we have the Technology.

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AFM Safecoat: The leader in doctor recommended building products and non toxic coatings.


CBR Products: Your trusted supply source for non toxic / less toxic and sustainable building and maintenance products.
This link will take you to the CBR Products web page where you can choose from the large selection of coatings.


Eco Building Resource is the trusted source for eco building products, services and information based in the Greater Toronto Area (Aurora)..



Safe Living Technologies Inc (www/SLT.co) is North America's leading EMR Mitigation Specialist.

Buy and EMF Meter with Safe Living Technologies Inc.












We are pleased to promote, network and sell AFM SafeCoat products including both their 3 in 1 Adhesive and their Almighty Adhesive: AFM is renown as an industry leader for making their building products free of formaldyhyde and other known carcinogens.  AFM Safecoat is reknown for manufacturing and distributing quality building products that meet the needs of those who suffer from Chemical Sensitivities and are LEED-compliant.


AFM SafeCoat's 3 in 1 Adhesive

Recommended when adhering floor tile made of ceramic, vinyl, parquet, formica and slate; for light-weight wall tiles, and for any carpet application where typical carpet adhesive would be used.


Manufacturer's Information


Available in the following sizes


.96 Litre

3.78 Litres

18.9 Litres

1 US Quart

1 US Gallon

5 US Gallon


50 - 60 sq. ft./gallon with 1/8" notched trowel.
100 - 120 sq. ft./gal. w/ 1/16" notched trowel.


Drying / Curing Time: 24 hours = full cure.


Low Odour (Low Odor)


Effective, easy to use adhesive


Made in California, U.S.A.
Buy American made products


Meets or exceeds all (US) Federal and State air quality regulations (including California).

Safecoat Almighty glue can be used in many bonding applications and provices  wide variety of applications: Exceeds all VOC and environmental regulations plus provides 500 PSI shear strength, a good bond for most applications.

Very Low VOC content
VOC = Volatile Organic Compound
Safely used by people who have chemical sensitive issues.
Contains no formaldehyde

Safecoat Almighty Adhesive

A Solvent-free High-performance Construction Adhesive.



We're on a mission to help detoxify our environments throughout the world.  Help spread the word.




PLEASE when building, rebuilding or renovating, PLEASE build it in a non toxic manner amd do the research so that you won't be duped by the hot trend of green-washing.  Look for the MSDS - every manufacturer is required by law to present this information.



PLEASE when creating NEW NON TOXIC PRODUCTSdon't GREEN-WASH your products.  Present your MSDS Information with ALL Data - as much as possible - Want to be on the LEADING EDGE- test the product with people who have extreme chemical sensitivities.  My friend with extreme MCS will touch a product and can tell immediately if it is toxic to her:  She loves the AFM Safecoat product-line and builds exclusively with them. She my "canary in the gold mine". When you do this I will strive to serve you unselfishly and may even be able to help you with generous financing - we'll put the power of friendlyville to work for you.



The Public must demand Healthy Homes and living environments:  we have the non toxic materials and we have the Technology.




We MUST REMOVE WiFi from school environments:

use fibre optic cables instead.


We can network you with the full selection of non toxic building products for you to orderPurchases can be delivered to you in about seven to ten days and in some instances, depending upon your location and quantities we can get them to you by the next day.

Serving Canada, the USA and the world.
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The Toxic Enemy glues us to poor health:  We are mobilizing our resources.
The Public must demand healthy alternatives: we have the non toxic materials.

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